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A successful project begins with a matching personal network! 

We connect your project with the perfect partner to ensure a successful market entry for your company.



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After an initial meeting and a signed non-disclosure agreement, we check your project impartially for plausibility and feasibility!


Likewise, a precise formulation of objectives in terms of actual company objectives and in terms of demarcation from the partner is indispensable and must be jointly verified and discussed. This definition of objectives must be concretized according to a common inter-company understanding. 


That means content, extent and time reference should be known as this describes the basic direction of the goal.


A central question is also the kind of cooperation in a partnership! Are your goals with the future partner planned for the medium or long term?


Accordingly, a "Strategic Alliance" is recommended in the medium term or a "Joint Venture" with the future partner in the long term.


Depending on the complexity of your requirements, you will receive our selection results regarding potential partners for joint discussion within 10 days.


On the basis of the research definition, a amount of data is obtained by transferring it into an evaluation matrix developed by us.


Important for the successful selection and later cooperation in a partnership is the existence of compatible, equal goals.


If the goals of both partners are not in harmony or contradict each other, the degree of consistency of the partnership decreases.


Therefore, it is important to keep the "frictions" in the cooperation of the partners and between their goals low.

On the basis of our matrix analysis we will discuss your goal definition once again with the help of our suggested partner selection in order to select your favorites in this brainstorming. 

For a better selection and its success factors, the evaluation of the following task reference helps to structure the partner selection 

• Local market knowledge 

Distribution channels 

Main customers 

Local cultural knowledge 

• Access to technology 

Access to the product itself 

Knowledge/production process


The final selection of potential partners will be personally contacted by myself to clarify whether they are open and available for a cooperation.


If this is the case, the following success factors, which are important for a partnership, will be questioned during the future partnering process. 


• Mutual trust

• Comparable business

• Reputation

• Creditworthiness

• Complementarity 

• Marketing & distribution system 

• Size of the partner company 

• International experience 

• Technology 

• Administration 

• Successful partner references

With the knowledge of this partner inquiry we coordinate upcoming partner meetings together to present your company or your project excellently 



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people personally!

In times of digitalization and social media platforms, entrepreneurs & employees create digital network connections on various social media platforms

The network follower distribution

usually looks like this


70 %

seller you joint them once

20 %

got your business card on fairs, conferences or workshops

but you don't know them really

10 %

Personal contacts which brought your company real added value


As you can see, these often considerable networks are mostly worthless!   

You say why?

Then take a critical look at your own network connections in LinkedIn, Xing or BranchOut and ask yourself how many of these contacts brought your company real added value? 

And if they brought value, then take a look to see if they were personal contacts or not!

You see what I'm getting at?!

These supposedly great digital networks are never as potent as a real personal contact! 


For sure you have done 95% of your more successful business in the past with your personal contacts, right?


And this will continue to be the case in times of digitalization, because there is nothing better than face-to-face personal contact!


Let us identify the contact you need to arrange a personal meeting to initiate new successful business


With more than twenty-five years of experience, I, Robert W. Barth, founder of i-toob,

With more than twenty-five years of experience, I, Robert W. Barth, founder of i-toob, am successfully active as a strategic marketing expert, focusing on market analysis, strategic planning and project implementation for national and international companies in various industries.


I was spending over 8 years as a marketing and communication expert for a contract research organisation (CRO) in the GxP-regulated pharmaceutical sector (phase 0 - IV). Here I achieved significant measurable improvements in customer loyalty through CRM initiatives tailored to target groups. During this time I have also been able to expand my network extensively in all areas of the pharmaceutical, food supplement & cosmetics industry.


Most recently, in 2015, I was one of the first in Germany to found a unique cannabis company in the field of cultivation and extraction. In order to implement the business purpose of Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, the license & permission to grow and extract 70 different high THC-rich cannabis sativa and cannabis indica varieties for scientific purposes had to be applied for at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). This approval, still unique in Europe, was finally granted to the company after 3 years of application procedure.


In the search for a suitable, strategic investor, a Canadian company proved to be the right partner to complete a planned and calculated takeover including an IPO. 


After the planned takeover, I then moved into the key role as Managing Director of the now German subsidiary of the Canadian headquarters and also headed the corporate development for the European Economic Area (EEA) as Vice President of the global management team.


After reaching my milestones in establishing exclusive R&D collaborations with the Technical University of Munich, Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology, I left the company as planned at the beginning of 2020.


Now, after 25 years of experience and a great personal network in various industries, I decided to found i-toob to bring companies together with the right business partners.


Superficially seen are we swimming in times of digitalization against the current, but this is intended and it is good like that! The meaning of i-toob is "i-think-out-of-box" and this is what we do!


We are therefore deeply convinced that successful business can only be sustained in the long term with personal contacts and relationships, and that this will guarantee the depth of the associated companies.


Therefore, in an increasingly digitalized world, it is our goal to identify the strategically important persons for our clients in order to guarantee highly efficient personal networks for the long-term success of the company.


i-toob - only reality is real!


A successful project is not only characterized by innovative concepts, one of the most important components are the appropriate contacts & networks for successful implementation. 


Therefore, effectiveness is crucial, which in turn only leads to the goal through concrete business transactions. This is exactly where we accompany you as our customer. Depending on the topic, we try to arrange new business opportunities for you and our network contacts for a mutual WIN-WIN situation.


Within our network we bring partners together who have complementary interests. One offers something that the other is looking for. Since we know the acting companies and persons personally well, the contact mediation is an effective step towards the goal. We are happy to assist you here and accompany you until the successful conclusion of the business transaction.

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Thanks for your message! We will come back to you soon.


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